Association Educational Engagement Case Study

The Situation

Each year, The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) gathers the leading healthcare providers, researchers, educators, and academicians from both across the country and internationally for its annual medical meeting and trade show. The event brings these professionals together to discuss perceptions, share new research and findings, and discuss ways to spread awareness of midlife women’s health issues and how to best serve women.

Since the event was first held more than two decades ago, it has grown from 100 to almost 1,500 attendees. As a highly reputable organization of healthcare professionals, NAMS strives to achieve balance in the event’s content between modern technology and traditional education.

Throughout the five-year solid working relationship with NAMS, AV Concepts has understood the importance of presenting content in an engaging way, but without overshadowing the seriousness of the topic and the event’s educational focus. They have partnered with the team to integrate technological components that worked with and improved the educational aspects, including a webcast component so that those who couldn’t attend the live event could view content after the meeting.  

The Challenge

While technology is continuously evolving in the medical field, the adaptation of new ways to share information isn’t quite as fast. In addition to providing a modern experience, it was important to maintain a middle ground and emphasize the event’s content in a way that was not ostentatious, but still engaged the audience with information on the many aspects of midlife women’s health issues.

With an abundant amount of material to cover during each presentation, maintaining brevity, while providing the pertinent information was essential for a successful event. Many presenters have devoted decades to researching and gathering their findings, and traveled internationally to attend this conference. However, presenters are provided with a limited time to share their discoveries with the audience, so staying on track and establishing a flow was essential as presentations take place back-to-back.

The Solution

After several years in a successful partnership with NAMS, the AV Concepts team understood how to execute the type of educational and content-focused event that the client requested, while providing strategic recommendations for how to present the content in a straightforward and engaging way. The combination of technical drawings, content that was scaled and sized for easy reading, proper lighting, and dynamic sound and staging, created a smooth and well-timed execution essential for the presentations to be successful.

With so much content and a limited amount of time for each presenter to connect with the audience and share their findings, the AV Concepts team stayed two steps ahead of each presentation, making sure that visuals and audio were prepared and scaled correctly for smooth and quick transitions.

To accomplish this, each of the presentations and other content was uploaded and previewed via the AV Concepts Presentation Management Server. Content was then pushed to the general session show computers using a V-lan connection, and routed to the video switcher and screens flawlessly for each presenter. In the short time that one presenter transitioned to the next, the content was ready.

In addition to the live presentations, the webcast also needed to have the same consistency and easy transition. With the management of the content being the focus on every level of the AV Concepts team, a partner assisted with the webcast so that AV Concepts could focus on producing the content and managing the presentations, which could then transition into a glitch-free, clear and concise webcast.

The Results

The NAMS annual meeting was a well-executed event for a highly reputable gathering of medical professionals. For the fifth year in a row, AV Concepts provided an all-inclusive solution that simultaneously captured both live and online audiences for a high-quality educational experience that maintained the integrity of the medical issues. Managing all aspects of audio, video, content, and designating the webcast to a partner, AV Concepts provided presenters and attendees with an engaging educational experience.

After coordinating this event for nearly 25 years, meeting planner Wanda Kovacs of Experient notes, “I’ve continued to work with AV Concepts on this event for the past five years because of the people. My confidence in the team and their track record of providing impeccable customer service assures me that the show will be a success, and it continues to be.”

Furthermore, the committee of healthcare providers who planned this conference was pleased with how AV Concepts embraced technology to bring dozens of presentations to life in a way that complemented the serious subject matter, while  providing high-quality sound and visuals to engage the audience. The committee was pleased that AV Concepts provided value as a solution, while also bringing new ideas to an established event.

AV Concepts was founded in 1987 by two industry veterans, Fred Mandrick and Nick Smith, with the core belief that providing each client with exceptional service and superior value would produce highly satisfied clients and long-term relationships.