Do You Want More From Your Marketing Efforts?

Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider a Marketing Audit

by Christina Motley

Do you know marketers and doctors share a common best practice? Healthcare providers recommend you get an annual medical physical every year as a best practice. Marketers suggest businesses conduct an annual “health” assessment, or audit, of your marketing efforts every year.

Accountability exists in all professions. Physicians are accountable for their diagnoses, receptionists are accountable for the messages they route, and marketers are held accountable for strategy and successful implementation. Makes sense, right?

Marketing audits ensure your marketing operations are inline with your business objectives and and fit within your corporate capabilities. They are most effective when companies hire an independent marketing consultant to provide a fresh, unbiased audit. Chances are – or at least you should know – what marketing strategies and tactics are working well. But often business executives and frontline marketers are too close, or too busy day-today, to identify areas for improvement.

Such was the case for a client.

“We are in the business of advancing supportive patient care and have three successful prescription products in the market,” said Chris Clement, COO and President of DARA BioSciences, a Raleigh, NC-based pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization oncology and oncology supportive care products. “However, we realize we are immersed in the trenches every day and hired Christina Motley to conduct an independent marketing assessment and gap analysis.” (See the case study here.)

Here are 5 reasons to consider a marketing audit for your business.

  1. Marketing audits help identify gaps, discover problems and ask questions to ensure your marketing strategies and tactics are aligned – and achieving – your primary business goals.
  2. Marketing audits provide a fresh perspective and holistic review of what is working, what is not working and offers suggestions for improvement so you can be sure to get maximum results from your marketing investment.
  3. Marketing audits typically result in uncovering inefficiencies that you don’t realize exist and it may be time to update or even change an existing strategy so you can reduce expenses and increase results.
  4. Marketing audits offer new creative ideas to boost your marketing efforts for higher profit potential and increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness across mission critical business functions.
  5. Marketing audits remind all stakeholders of the primary objectives and foster renewed awareness of your marketing strategies throughout your business, assisting with internal relationships.

Have you reviewed your marketing efforts through different lenses?

Get started today with a complimentary marketing assessment template at and feel free to share it with others, who may find it useful.

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