2013 Golf Challenge at the Annual Results

Due to a few unforeseen circumstances, the official results of the AENC Golf Challenge at the Annual were not formally announced at the meeting, so, we’d like to take the time to publicly congratulate our winners from the year’s event on June 8, 2013 at Reems Creek Golf Club.

2013-06-08 12.11.13

Our 3rd place team with a combined net score of 124 was the team of Andra Zarins, Joe Stewart, Chris Kelley and Michael Applegate.2013-06-08 11.51.17

Coming in at 2nd place with a score of 119 was the team of Chuck Borman, Tim Kreger, Alan Skipper and Scott Russell.2013-06-08 11.58.40

And with a score of 113, our 1st place team was the team of Tim Kent, Madi McDougald, Rich Phaneuf and Connie Holliday.
The Annual Meeting consisted of six contests and our winners were the following:

Closet to Pin – #6 – Chuck Borman

Closest to Pin – #11 – Tim Kent

Closet to Pin – #14 – Michael Applegate

Closet to Pin – #17 – Tim Kreger

Longest Drive for Women – #3 – Andra Zarins

Longest Drive for Men – #3 – Chuck Borman

2013-06-08 13.06.51 2013-06-08 11.43.04 2013-06-08 11.43.09

Thank you again to all of our folks who participated in this year’s Annual Meeting Golf Challenge. Qualified winners of this event will also be eligible for the 2013 Meetings Masters golf tournament.

Look forward to seeing all our golfers at this year’s AENC Golf Outing on October 14, 2013 at Prestonwood Country Club.


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  1. Really sorry I missed this year’s Annual Meeting event– damn health issues again kept me on the side lines. If at all possible, I’ll be “wherever” next year. Please sign me up for the AENC golf outing this October– oh, and match me up with guys and gals over 70.
    Larry Ketring

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