Speaker’s Secrets = More Value (Part Two)

by Dale Collie

Savvy meeting planners easily increase the impact of meeting budgets by negotiating with professional speakers for free add-ons. They stretch their budget and delight both audience members and their bosses with all of the high -value items that could be very costly.

Part one of “Speaker’s Secrets = More Value” in Success by Association discussed the five-step negotiating process to get many benefits that speakers often don’t reveal.


1. Choose high value items to request

2. Find out which of your own resources are of value to speakers

3. Request the high value items you want

4. Counter resistance and negotiate for no extra fees

5. Put it in writing

Many speakers charge extra for each of the high value items listed in column I, but you can get it all for free by offering resources of your own – shown in column II.

High-Value Items to Request

From Speakers 

1. Keynote Plus Breakout Session—2 for 1
2. Pre Program Survey to Members to build enthusiasm for the meeting.
3. Pre Event Articles to boost registrations
4. Pre Event e-Mail series to fill seats
5. Pre Event Phone Interviews with members to boost attendance
6. Press Releases to Local Media —Speaker distributes press releases and agrees to local interviews for your organization
7. Post Event Article summarizing the presentation
8. Post Event TeleSeminars for attendees who want to learn more about the topics
9. CEO Breakfast or Special Meeting
10. Speaker Insurance—Additional program to fill in for absent speakers
11. Networking—Speaker stays on site after the presentation for lunch or evening reception
12. One-on-One—Speaker agrees to do 15-minute 1-on-1 Q&A sessions after the presentation
13. Books for all—Speaker gives at least 100 books; find sponsors for additional books needed.
14. Magazine Subscriptions—Speaker negotiates with publishers for a free 1-year subscription for all attendees
15. Sponsorship—Speaker sponsors a portion of the event, e.g. door prize, travel card, gifts for members
16. Continuing Education—Speaker provides books, handouts, tip sheets
17. NonProfit—Speaker provides fundraiser speech, staff education, or board development program for your favorite charity
18. Travel Expenses—Speaker covers all expenses except the master-account hotel room

Low-Cost High-Value Items to Use in Negotiating with Speakers

 1. Multiple dates—Partner with other chapters or associations to offer multiple engagements
2. Voice or Video Recording of Your Testimonial
3. Attendee Testimonials videoed after the presentation
4. Video of Program—1 or 2 camera shoot of the speaker’s program.
5. Permit Speaker to Sell Products—Allow a one minute pitch about their related products during the presentation
6. Endorse Speaker’s Books—Influential person introduces speaker’s books from the platform
7. Personal Introduction to other organizations and meeting planners
8. Introduction and Referral of speaker to state, regional, and national associations
9. Attendees Introduce and Refer—Attendees agree to introduce and refer speaker with post cards
10. Membership List—allow speaker limited use
11. e-Mail Speaker’s After-Convention Communications to your membership
12. Put Speaker’s Ad in Meeting Program
13. Put Speaker’s Ad in Your Publications
14. Volunteers—Recruit influential volunteers to help with speaker’s back-of-room sales
15. Public Seminar—Allow the speaker use of one of your event rooms to conduct a self-promoted public seminar at your venue; reduced fee for your own members
16. Donation to Charity in the speaker’s name
17. Send the Speaker’s Monthly Newsletter or Tip Sheet to your membership for a specified period of time following the presentation
18. Arrange photographs for all members with the speaker—Print speaker’s contact info on the back

Get a detailed description of each of these items along with the exact questions to ask your speakers as you negotiate your high value items – www.CourageBuilders.com/speakers

Author and speaker Dale Collie uses the leadership skills of US Army Rangers to help key people succeed in tough times. His experience includes a career as a US Army Ranger, Fortune 500 executive, CEO and leader of a wildly successful international charity. E-Mail Dale to get your free e-book “101 Ways to Cut Meeting Costs” Collie@CourageBuilders.com