3 Time-Saving Email Tips so you have More Time to Enjoy the Holidays!

By Guest Blogger, Tracey Gritz

Email – once heralded as an amazing, innovative tool is now frequently cursed and dreaded. Yes, the love affair with this communication tool is over. According to RescueTime, a firm that develops time-management software, a typical office employee checks e-mail 50 times every day. Want to capture lost hours in your day and have more time to enjoy the holidays? Take a closer look at your email habits and implement these 3 time saving tips:

1. Don’t delete, unsubscribe.  How many newsletters, promotions or coupons do you receive that don’t add value to your life?  In fact, I’ll bet that more than half of the email newsletters you receive are never even opened.  Make a point to STOP receiving these.  Instead of simply deleting the emails, create a habit of opening them and unsubscribing.  It takes a few seconds to do, but it will reduce the overall amount of mail received. 

2. Have an e-mail address specifically for your “junk” email. This e-mail specific address is for the junk mail that you DO want (such as sign-ups, online purchases, coupons, subscriptions, etc. ) but you don’t want to clutter up your personal or business inbox. 

3. Stop Checking/Start Processing e-mail strategy. Checking e-mail constantly is an addiction not a habit of efficiency. But reviewing and processing your e-mail just a few times a day will actually allow you to get more work done with fewer interruptions. It will also ensure that important messages are never lost in the crazed shuffle of the constant e-mail checker!

Tracey Gritz is the owner of The EfficentOffice, a 2012 Rising Star Award Winner – National Association of Women Business Owners. www.TheEfficientOffice.com