Health Care Reform and its Affects

Race for Relevance: Understanding Health Care Reform and How it Affects Your Business

This morning at an AENC CEO Roundtable, we enjoyed an inside look into a topic that has been very much in the news for a while now.   Insurance Industry Expert Rob Ferguson of Health Benefits US, Inc. painted a very compelling picture of how companies with 5 to 125 employees are being impacted by Health Care Reform.  Mr. Ferguson also explained there is a timeline for businesses to heed and take appropriate actions to ensure they are compliant with new benefit laws.

It was clear to those in attendance that Health Benefits US, a company headquartered here in Raleigh, is leading the way for showing businesses how to, as he called it “get out of the insurance business.”  This does not mean to DROP coverage and leave your employees with nothing.  It DOES mean there is a new model in place, that has taken years to develop, that will save a business thousands of dollars, lower HR man-hours for paperwork and managing the group plans, and leave your employees happy with a comprehensive health plan.

Today was an eye-opener for me and those who heard Mr. Ferguson tell story after story of how he is helping hundreds of companies be pro-active, well before the new law deadlines.   It gives one hope that Health Care Reform isn’t all negative.  I encourage all of our members to have their CEO’s or HR Managers contact Health Benefits US Inc to learn how they can lower costs and improve health benefits for their employees.

About Health Benefits US, Inc.

Health Benefits US specializes in providing quality employee benefits to the members of small to mid-size businesses.  HBUS Inc. is a leading industry expert in Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts, and how best to provide the solutions employers need NOW due to recent legislation and tax law changes.   They also assist individual clients with their financial needs through tailor-made financial plans.

At its core is the HBUS leadership team – a group of highly skilled professionals with 30 years combined experience in the insurance services industry.  Health Benefits US is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with their services reaching several states including NC, SC, VA, MD, GA and FL.  For more information please visit the HBUS Inc. website – or contact them via phone at 919.794.8437.   Follow HBUS Inc on Blogger ( and Twitter (@hbusinc1).