“Relevance” Recapped

Guest Post by Laura Nakoneczny, CAE, IOM

Most of us would agree that environmental changes like less personal time, vague R.O.I.s, membership diversity, generational issues, new competition and technology, when taken into account together, have  radically impacted how our associations operate.

Harrison Coerver, author of “Race for Relevance” and the speaker AENC’s seminar, argues the impacts of these changes should force us to rethink the traditional association operating model. He proposes five changes for associations that seek to be more relevant:

1)      Small (5 members) competency-based boards to direct and control the organization.

2)      Empower the CEO and staff to run the organization.

3)      Rigorously define/re-define your member market.

4)      Rationalize programs and services. Narrower product lines have more power now.

5)      Build a robust technology framework despite the monetary obstacles.

Lingering in the room, along with Coerver’s proposed model was this take-away: Are we really willing and ready to get these types of conversations started with our organizations?

Stay tuned…