Lighting a Fire

This year’s ASAE Annual Meeting is nearly in the books and I have had a chance to hear some great sessions. I’ll be writing about more later, but I wanted to briefly talk about the session from author and speaker David Nour.

Nour is author of the book, Relationship Economics, and he is currently working on the book, Return on Impact. This book will be available through ASAE and is discuss the impact of social media.

There were some great nuggets that came out of his session – how to lead differently – and one had to do with how we motivate those staff or volunteers or others we want to influence.

David said something that really made me think and that was, “Are you lighting a fire within people? Or are you lighting fires under them? The one that burns within burns longer.

So, what are you doing to light the fire within your stakeholders? What are doing to turn the typical member into an evangelist. Are you a reactive association or are you visionary? What are you doing to encourage your staff, volunteers or others to speak from their hearts and are you encouraging them to be passionate about what you believe?

A staggering statistic was thrown out by David in this session and it really made me wonder sometimes about the way we market and how skeptical people are. Nour said that 75% of people don’t believe what you are advertising/marketing. So, how are else are you getting the word out there. If you are relying completely on advertising and marketing to get your message out or to get folks to come to the annual meeting, you might want to rethink that philosophy. Evangelist speaking for you are much more impacting and lasting.

So, where are you lighting your fires?