60 Ideas in 60 Minutes

Thank you to Denise Ryan and the attendees at this year’s 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes session. Came up with some great ideas in the areas of raising revenue, increasing member engagement, member recruitment and social media.
Here are the Ideas:

Innovative Funding/Savings

  1. Provide flash drive, but offer to sell printed binders
  2. Develop an annual sponsorship fee/packaged sponsorships
  3. Thursday Newsletter, sale the banner ad for $1,000/month
  4. Stopped printing a syllabus instead, using a flash drive
  5. Outsourced advertising for magazine, electronic advertising
  6. Offered two free tickets to Biltmore for registering for meeting in advance
  7. Sign-up at meetings and provide giveaway at the event for immediate gratification, branded with the association name
  8. Selling the space on the walls in the office, subtle advertising
  9. Provide a tangible item and get sponsorship, besides just a discount
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for donations
  11. Ask sponsors what you would pay and then create a sponsorship to match it.
  12. Sponsorships on black screens during webinar
  13. Savings using iContact
  14. Take pictures of members and sell the framed picture to member at an event
  15. Golf ball drop at golf event

 Membership Engagement/Involvement

  1. Creative ways to introduce first-timers and make them feel comfortable
  2. Member briefing on how to network and take advantage of the association networking
  3. Special peer groups for certain segments of the membership (Young CPA, Women’s Groups, etc.)
  4. Have a conference buddy for your meetings and match – first with previous attendees
  5. Have a specific seat at meetings for young members at meetings
  6. Customized involvement plan to get members engaged
  7. Have one-on-one session with new member to introduce them to association
  8. Try and learn the name of all members and one key fact about that member
  9. Speed networking event to get to know the different areas/levels of the profession
  10. For members not involved, had board members to call and ask for involvement or find out why they haven’t been involved
  11. Develop a tiered method for students to join association. Lower the barrier for dues to make it easy to join
  12. Making personal visits and asking people to renew, sales blitz
  13. Put the amount of savings on the invoice so the accounting folks see the savings for renewing
  14. Track the number of referrals members receive to show the value of their membership
  15. Personalized to notes to random members on the magazine
  16. Send all new members a personalized thank-you note.

 Recruiting Members

  1. Got to sell the value of the membership to potential members
  2. Figuring out your target market and how do you want to reach them
  3. Peer-to-Peer to bring new people in
  4. Sister associations that you might could piggy-back off of for membership
  5. Trail membership, but you better show the value
  6. Money-Back Guarantee for joining
  7. Carry membership for those who are serving in the armed services
  8. Get-a-member campaigns, if done effectively and provide incentive
  9. Member-only pricing or include membership in cost of major event
  10. Group membership or bulk membership pricing
  11. Looking to the colleges and universities
  12. Going after members who used to be members, especially if you h
  13. ad made changes
  14. Create chapter bucks as incentive to recruit members
  15. Making personal visits and asking people to join, sales blitz
  16. Create “what have you done for me lately” material to provide potential members

 Social Media

  1. Red Cross social media policy.
  2. What are your expectations with social media and what does success look like
  3. Because its “free”, there is still time associated with it
  4. You don’t want to be “extreme” in your postings, but it must captivate
  5. Educating your membership about the social media outlets
  6. Get access to people you might not normally reach because of social media
  7. Once you start it, you CAN’T STOP!
  8. Ghost social media users who can post at certain times to feed the discussion
  9. Help feed members information that has value beyond NC
  10. Way to inform members about lobbying efforts and get speakers to promote meeting
  11. Don’t lock out people from the conversation
  12. Linked In discussion groups are great way to engage and post questions and gather data. Use it to recruit members and find connections.
  13. Showing the Twitter feeds on your website
  14. Track your click through rates and open rates
  15. Put a hidden link for a free item on your electronic communications
  16. Tip of the day in email to draw in readers
  17. iContact is now offering free basic membership for their electronic newsletter